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Check Out Fake Survival Fund Portal That Could Steal Your Money

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 06:49 am

Do you know that there are fake survival fund portals in circulation? If you submitted your details on such dubious sites, you’re most likely to lose thousands or millions of Naira.

As we write, 419ners are targeting prospective applicants of the MSME Survival Fund.

It is one of the post-COVId-19 relief programmes of the federal government aimed at helping small businesses financially in 2020.

The MSME Survival Fund is part of the N2.3tn stimulus package of the Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan and introduced to boost the capacity of MSMEs to remain in business.

Already, thousands of applicants have received the first disbursement while another category is awaiting the second pay.

But scammers are not relenting at designing fake application portal where applicants are manipulated to submitting their bank account details.

You have to be careful about this, a government official has warned, stating that one of the fake websites is demanding for account details so that applicants can get N50,000.

In a statement in Calabar, Cross River State, the Project Delivery Office (the Coordinating office of the scheme) under the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, said the fake website is using to lure unsuspecting members of the public to submit their details.

The PDO is coordinated by the SA to the President on MSMEs, Office of the Vice President, Tola Johnson.

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The statement read:

“The syndicate operating a fraudulent portal with the link are asking unsuspecting members of the public to check their eligibility for the scheme by providing their account details on the portal in  order to be paid N50, 000 grant under the Survival Fund Scheme.

The statement said it does not operate any such portal and beneficiaries do not require to go to the website to verify their eligibility for the federal government’s Survival Fund as indicated on the fraudulent portal.

Describing the portal as a “scam” the PDO advised all Nigerians and beneficiaries of the different tracks of the survival fund to be wary and desist from having dealings with the operators of the site.

What’s the Survival Fund Official Application Portal?

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment launched it official application portal for the programme where members of the public can get an update about the programme

The link is fake and fraudulent the authentic application portal is


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