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Get the latest Mobile Banking Tips right on this page. How to transfer money from your phone to another bank in Nigeria using USSD code. And other banking transactions that involve dialling USSD codes for buying airtime etc

CRR Contributing Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria Certified By CBN

List of 37 CRR Contributing Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

If you’ve ever applied for a credit facility at any of the Nigerian banks, you may have come across banking terms like PFIs and CRR. PFIs means Participating Financial Institutions while CRR means Cash Reserve Ration read more

How to Send eNaira Coin from Your Bank Account infomediang business solutions

5 Ways To Make Money From eNaira, Nigeria’s Digital Coin

Since the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced the launch of a digital currency dubbed “eNaira” which is known as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), Nigerians expressed mixed reactions about the project. While some Nigerians praised it, some berated the apex bank for coming up with such an idea having “ban” trading of cryptocurrency in the country in early February 2021. read more


14 Simple Steps To Pay Online for Appeal Court Filing of Court Processes

In April 2020, the Court of Appeal of Nigeria introduced an alternative e-payment for filling of a Court process because of the pandemic

The Acting President of the court Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem stated Court of Appeal REMITA was designed to reduce contact between court officials and legal practitioners filing the appeal during and post COVID-19 era. read more

mydatastream nigeria

Fintech Startup Datastream Nigeria Launches Digital Payment Platform With Exciting Cash Back Offer

Datastream Nigeria has announced the launch of its digital payment solution to provide a seamless and unique option for Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora to settle all digital and lifestyle payment needs. read more


5 Faulty Things About eNaira, Nigeria’s Digital Currency

In September, we all looked forward to the launching of eNaira, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by Nigeria’s apex, but a few hours to the D-day, the CBN rescinded his decision about the launch. read more


20 Ways eNaira Will Improve Business Transactions in Nigeria

The ban of cryptocurrency by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on February 5, 2021, gave millions of Nigerians the push to further explore the financial possibilities of digital currencies. read more


Most Effective Way To Report Failed Transactions To CBN, Here Are The 15 Key Details To Include In Your Petition

Have you ever been caught in the web of banking glitches? Like when you’re debited for performing a transaction that isn’t executed. What exactly did you do when this happened to you? Report to your bank and wait for several weeks without a solution to your complaint? read more

How to transfer money, add people on Cash App

How To Transfer Money From Cash App To Bank Account And Add People On Your Account

By simply using a mobile phone app, you can cash out to your local bank account by using the Cash App, which was developed by Square Inc.

The direct peer-to-peer payment mobile payment app gives users an optional Visa Debit Card that allows them to use funds from their Cash App account or even withdraw cash from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). read more

Online banking Nigeria infomediaNG

How Yahoo Boys Use Your BVN To Steal Money From Your Bank Accounts

There are many things associated with your Bank Verification Number, that’s why you’re advised to keep it or never share it with a stranger. Have you been wondering how 419 or Yahoo Boys ( online fraudsters) in Nigeria could use your BVN to steal money from your bank account? read more

Online banking Nigeria infomediaNG

Use These Codes To Block Your Bank Account If Your Debit Card Is Stolen

A few years back, a friend was robbed, his wallet which contained some monies and his ATM Debit Card were stolen. Good for him, his mobile phone wasn’t stolen. And within a few minutes, he communicated with his bank by dialing the USSD code to block his account number. read more

Online banking Nigeria infomediaNG

15 Quickest Ways to Send Money to Nigeria From Foreign Countries

Today’s technology has made it easy for Nigerians residing abroad to easily send money to their loved ones at home. Interestingly, more methods are emerging every day for Nigerians to receive money from their family members in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries around the World. read more

Online banking Nigeria infomediaNG

7 Easy Steps to Open UBA Account with ZERO naira on Your Phone

The introduction of USSD code has made banking transactions easier. Not just that, it has also made life simpler because with a tap of some codes on your phone, you can get everything you want to get done in a few minutes. read more

Online banking Nigeria infomediaNG

10 Easy Ways To Use WhatsApp Payment To Send And Receive Money

WhatsApp payment is finally here, making it possible to send and receive money on the messaging app with ease. This is going to be a huge win for online business owners. read more

Kuda Raises $10M To Dominate Digital-Only Bank In Africa

Nigeria’s digital-only financial institution Kuda Bank has raised 10 million US dollars to further expand its digital baking across Nigeria, Africa and around the World. read more

CBN Directs Banks to Confirm Swift Transactions Within 48 Hours

Going forward, deposit money banks in Nigeria are to make sure that the confirmation of swift transactions are done within two business working days, meaning confirmation are to get to swift within 48 hours of the performance of the transactions. read more

OPay and WorldRemit Collaborate On international Mobile Money Transfer

Nigerian financial service providers OPay says it will be collaborating with a cross-border money transfer firm, WorldRemit, to offer international money transfers directly into OPay mobile wallets right here in Nigeria. read more

Kuda Added On PayStack Pay With Bank Channel, It’s Good News for Merchants

As a promoter of inclusive financial technology, we’re thrilled to discover that Africa’s foremost online and offline payment firm PayStack added Kuda Bank,  another technology-driven financial institution to its list of pay with bank channel. read more

Online banking Nigeria infomediaNG

8 Practicable Steps To Withdraw Money With Fingerprint At ATM Locations in Nigeria (VIDEO)

Your fingerprint which was taken while opening a bank account can now be used whenever you plan to make a withdrawal from an Automated Teller Machine.

Technology has made it possible for you to withdraw money from ATMs using fingerprints at any bank location in Nigeria and across the world read more

Fund OPay Account Without An Agent infomediang

2 Easiest Steps To Fund OPay Account Without An Agent

OPay is a mobile banking app that allows you to purchase airtime, order and pay for food, buy data, and other wide range of activities in real-time online. In this post, we’ll share how to fund your opay account without an agent in less than 5 minutes. read more

How To withdraw From Aku Wallet To Your Bank

In this guide, we’ll show you how to withdraw from Aku wallet directly to your bank account hassle-free.

Aku wallet transfer code: How to withdraw money from my AKu Wallet

  • Step 1: Simply send AKU To 7447
  • Step 2: A message appears on your phone
  • Step 3: Enter “1” and accept
  • If you are registered with tradermoni, you will get a message on what to do next. But if you’re not registered you get something like, “Your number is not registered for TraderMoni. Please look for a TraderMon agent near or in your market to register.
  • You’ll be given an ID

Follow the instructions

Yes, you can wire your tradermoni loan from Aku Wallet to your bank by dialling a USSD code. Aku Wallet is another mobile wallet designed for people to cash out their 10, 000 Naira collateral-free loan. read more

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