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How To withdraw From Aku Wallet To Your Bank

In this guide, we’ll show you how to withdraw from Aku wallet directly to your bank account hassle-free.

Aku wallet transfer code: How to withdraw money from my AKu Wallet

  • Step 1: Simply send AKU To 7447
  • Step 2: A message appears on your phone
  • Step 3: Enter “1” and accept
  • If you are registered with tradermoni, you will get a message on what to do next. But if you’re not registered you get something like, “Your number is not registered for TraderMoni. Please look for a TraderMon agent near or in your market to register.
  • You’ll be given an ID

Follow the instructions

Yes, you can wire your tradermoni loan from Aku Wallet to your bank by dialling a USSD code. Aku Wallet is another mobile wallet designed for people to cash out their 10, 000 Naira collateral-free loan. read more

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How To Change GTBank Phone Number Online With These 9 Easy Steps

Wondering on how to update your GT Bank online details? In this post, we will guide you on how to change a phone number on GTBank account online and also update your e-mail address online.

You can actually update your GT Bank phone number and E-mail through two major ways:

  1. Through internet banking
  2. Via ATM

In the later part of this post, we’ll discuss the following:

  • How to generate GTBank USSD token on your phone number
  • How to link your BVN to GT Bank Account
  • How to use GTBank 737 Code for Banking Transactions
  • How Do I Get GTBank Security Token?

But first…

Why would you want to update your GT bank phone number and E-mail?

The world has gone global. The use of USSD code (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) has changed the way we bank.

Your phone number is technically your bank in your hand if you want to save yourself the stress of visiting the nearest branch.

Reasons you need to change your phone number and E-mail on GT Bank Online banking

1) If you lost your previous phone number, then you’ll need to update your online mobile number for you to get an SMS update about activities in your account.

This will definitely to get bank alert when a transaction is carried out on your account.

2) You may also want to change your bank account phone number online if your SIM card has a technical issue due to consistent removal from your device. The chip surface may be damaged.

3) If you deliberately want to change your phone number (this is peculiar to ladies. They love to change their phone number after getting married.), then you will need to update your phone number on online banking service of GT bank.

4) If you no longer receive an alert on your phone number, then you will need to check and cross-check to probably know what the problem is.

First update your phone number, if the problem persists then you will need to visit the nearest branch.

Having said that, here is how to use GT Bank self-service to update your phone number online.

Don’t get it “twisted” there is…

Difference between Gtbank self-service and self-service portal read more

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TraderMoni Eyowo Transfer Codes to Bank Account

Tradermoni eyowo transfer codes make it simple for you to easily move your funds from your mobile wallet to any bank in Nigeria using USSD codes right on your phone.

If your tradermoni eyowo mobile money wallet account has been credited with #10,000 (or #15,000, #20k, #50k or #100k) here are the codes to transfer the money right into any bank of your choice for withdrawal.

Tradermoni eyowo transfer codes for various banks in Nigeria

  1. *4255*50*2*3*Account Number# (ECOBank)
  2. *4255*50*2*4*Account Number# (First Bank:)
  3. *4255*50*2*5*Account Number# ( FCMB)
  4. *4255*50*2*13*Account Number# (UBA)
  5. *4255*50*2*14*Account Number#  (Union Bank)
  6. *4255*50*2*16*Account Number#  (Wema bank)


If the above codes are not working for you, you can check our guide on how to transfer from eyowo to bank account online. It’s very easy and simple to follow.

Before we share the codes with you, TraderMoni is one of the collateral free schemes of the Federal Government specifically designed for petty traders in Nigeria, who ordinarily can not access bank loans because of their financial status.

Eyowo isn’t the only wallet you can use to cash out your 10K, there is also Aku mobile wallet is used in some states.

Other collateral-free loan schemes include MarketMoni and FarmerMoni.

If you’re reading this for the first time, infomediaNG can authoritatively tell you that tradermoni is real, “meant to improve the business prospects of petty traders and artisans by scaling up their business.”

Having said that, here are the USSD codes you need to transfer your tradermoni from eyowo mobile wallet to any bank account of your choice in Nigeria.

How to transfer tradermoni funds to ECOBank

To wire your funds from your eyowo mobile wallet to ECOBANK dial this USSD code: *4255*50*2*3*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to First Bank:

If your choice is first bank, kindly dial *4255*50*2*4*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to FCMB using eyowo code:

If you prefer to cash out your money from First City Monument Bank, kindly dial: *4255*50*2*5*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to UBA using eyowo code:

The right code to dial in case UBA is the bank from which you want to withdraw your funds, then dial this ussd code: *4255*50*2*13*Account Number#

How to transfer tradermoni funds to Union Bank through eyowo code

Code for UNION BANK is different from the above, use this code *4255*50*2*14*Account Number# if you wish to transfer your funds to Union Bank.

“Tradermoni enumerators will never ask you to show your personal voters card or any other confidential document as a criteria to collect the interest-free loan. Enumeration is usually carried out in open market areas and trade clusters.”

How to transfer tradermoni funds to Wema Bank:

Dial *4255*50*2*16*Account Number# to wire your loan to Wema bank.

How to transfer trademoni funds to any other banks read more

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