NEPC Reveals Challenges Facing Nigeria’s Exports in International Market


The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has disclosed that prospective exporters of non-oil products from Nigeria must abide by the international standard of packaging.

An official of the government agency stated this at a sensitisation workshop that was put together for exporters on the legal aspects of packaging for export.


Specifically, Ben Achor and Julie Onmoke, stated that the issue of packaging was the major impediment to exports from Nigeria.

“Your export must meet international standards. For instance, products sold in Nigeria usually wouldn’t sell in the international market simply because of packaging.”

They advised exporters in Nigeria to pay special attention to the design and packaging of their products in order to be globally accepted.

Speaking on why there had been zero exports from the North-East, the epicentre of Boko Haram, the regional coordinator, Mr. John Okorie, stated that activities of insurgents have hampered export from the region.

He, however, said the region is gradually experiencing registration from exporters of agricultural products from the region in recent times.

“There was enormous potential in the North-East for the export of some products, but such has bee hampered by insurgency,” he said.

He was optimistic that the region would begin to experience a boom in exports if the insurgency is brought under control while NEPC continues to consolidate on its awareness.

It’s mandatory for exporters of agricultural products to apply for and obtain an export licence from NEPC in Nigeria. Major agricultural exports from Nigeria include sesame seeds, cocoa beans, cashew nuts, ginger, frozen shrimps and cotton among others.

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