Newly wedded Couple Celebrates Using Bulldozer As Their Car (VIDEO)

A video has surfaced online where a newly wedded couple used bulldozer as their official car. The couple could be seen standing inside the backhoe loader dancing.

The video was shared on the Twitter page of the former Presidential Spokesman to Mr Olusegun Adeniyi.

We’re yet to verify the name of the couple, state and the specific town where the event took place, but the video has generated hundreds of reactions from twitter users.

Some of those who commented expressed concern about the safety of the newly wedded couple, best lady and best man who were part of the incredible celebration.

It isn’t the first time a newly wedded couple would use bulldozer as their official car on a wedding day.

A similar event was reported in India in June 2018, when the groom JCB crane operator Chethan Kallakatta alongside his wife used a JCB bulldozer as their wedding car!

It was reported that the couple wanted a way to make their marriage ceremony to be more unique and to show the passion towards his work.

They used a JCB crane in the marriage. The couple decided to use the JCB crane as their first ride after the marriage and both of them were seen sitting on the JCB backhoe loader.


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