International Trade

How to export products from Nigeria to other countries around the world. We are basically tapping into opportunities in the non-oil products in Nigeria like Cashew nuts, ginger, and sesame seed among others


25 Best Marketplace To Find Foreign Buyers For Export Products

In 2020, Nigeria spent around $56.61 billion USD on imports while in the same year under review, products exported from Nigeria to international markets were around $34.54 billion USD. In economics and trade, that’s a trade imbalance or trade deficit of around $22.07USD, the data obtained from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) put the Naira value at N7.37trn. read more

20 Signals Foreigners Must Watch Before Investing In Ethiopia

20 Signals Foreigners Must Watch Out Before Investing In Ethiopia

Summary: Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is the second largest market in Africa and has enough resources to drive Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The country’s huge investment in infrastructural development in the last 10 years is showing positive result while its rich soil is favourable to agriculture produce. As juicy as the country’s resources are, Ethiopia is still faced with some challenges. read more


Would Closing Domiciliary Accounts Increase Value of Naira At Forex Market? Here Are The 5 Ways Nigerian Economy Will Be Affected If Such Suggestion Is Implemented

Summary: A Federal lawmaker is proposing a bill to force the CBN to close all domiciliary accounts in Nigeria as one of the measures to make the Naira regain its value. Can the implementation of such economic advice make $1 to N1? We examine some of the implications of stopping Nigerians from operating dom accounts read more

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