Prisoner Igor Hamilton survives 3 lethal injections, awarded $250, 000

A prisoner Igor Hamilton has reportedly survived three lethal injections and has been set free to go home after the incidence with an award of $250,000 US dollars (N90.5million), report says.

Igor Hamilton Prisoner survives 3 lethal injection, awarded $250,000

The victim, according to his attorney, Edward Morningwood, will be set free, saying that his client had done his time including the lethal injection required by the state.

The lethal injection was supposed to be a quick death, but Igor Hamilton survived it, he refused to die.

His lawyer was quoted as saying, “It’s just not his time to go argues his attorney. Igor Hamilton hoped the lethal injection would succeed and end his suffering within the prison, but he survived and is excited about his second chance at life.”

Hamilton was sentenced to death in 1997 for killing his neighbor’s cats, was also quoted as saying “the needle wasn’t even painful” after surviving the lethal injection.

While in detention, he claims to have found God and spoke to him in prayers, God assured him he would survive “Because cats have no soul.” he never really committed a crime.

Igor Hamilton will be set free very soon with an award of $250,000 (N90,500,000 in today’s exchange rate).

Lethal injection is a practice which is common in the United States. An offender who is on death row is injected with killer dosage typically a barbiturate, paralytic, and potassium solution for the express purpose of causing immediate death. “The main application for this procedure is capital punishment,” says wikipedia.

What happens when an inmate survived execution?

It is believed that an inmate should be set free if he survived lethal injection, electrocution the first, second and third time. However, this is debatable and at the discretion of the court applied here.

In a Quora topic where the same question was asked and contributors shed looked at it from a different perspective.

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  1. Who are the neighbors, the Judge and the ignorant Jury who would agree with the exchange of a human life for some cats who have no soul!! I don’t care about the animal lovers society. Black people have been treated like animals since before many of us were even born! But if you all haven’t realized by now that black people are chosen by God after reading this story then I really don’t know what more you need. Long live Igor Hamilton!!!


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