Suspected ritualist allegedly turns to goat in Ekiti​

A female suspected ritualist has reportedly turned to a goat in Ekiti State, South West, Nigeria.

It was gathered that the lady, name withheld, suddenly turned to goat after she was told to pick the money she dropped in Ido.

In Nigeria, ritualist usually drop money in school areas for students to pick. Any unfortunate student who picked such money could turn to any strange thing (tuber of yam, goat etc).

It was gathered that the had dropped money on the floor for a student of Oganganmodu Grammar School for any student to pick.

But, luck run out on her as she was ordered by a passer-by to pick up the money herself and suddenly she turned to a goat

In a video which is already circulating on social media, a goat could be seen in the centre of the school, and a white dress hanging on its neck, while astonished witnesses took videos.

Law enforcement agency in the state is yet to confirm the development.

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