How to join H2i in Tanzania and get laptop, car and other bonuses by Benedict F. Mbwiga


HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL is all about building their members capacity to be able to give more than what they could ever do for themselves, their families and the Society as a whole.

The Giver or Helper’s hand is always on top. Just like you can’t give what u don’t have, you can’t help the poor if you’re one of them.

H2i started out as a humanitarian NGO by a philanthropist named Mrs. Luzviminda in the year 2010 in the Philippines.

Later on the idea to touch millions of lives all over the world using the power Multi – Leve Marketing business models was developed through the help of cofounder of H2i and MLM business strategist, philanthropist and dentist, Dr. Raniel Polcarpio, from there H2i business was born.

H2i wants to empower you MORE, so you can reach out to more people. This is the basic ideology behind Helping Hands International!

As a member, in our H2i, you have access to:

Steady income in Dollars,

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access to free skills acquisition,

access to loans,

access to scholarship,

Access to grants to visit motherless babies’ homes,

Access to own assets. etc All these are yours by joining with a one-off fee of $40

How h2i works

H2i is an NGO that is into humanitarian services it has the sole aim of helping the less privilege.

By helping the less privilege you get paid.  Once you make a one-time payment of $40 you become an Associate member and you are also expected to bring two (2) persons that will do same and for everyone you bring you get a Referral bonus of $8.

H2i operates in a 2×2 matrix system.

That is, you bring at 2 people who go ahead to bring at least 2 people, who also go ahead to bring at least 2 people, and the list goes on and on. Benefits

Stage 1

$16 + $10 bonus Or $48 + $10 bonus

Stage 2

Total matrix bonus =$1000


i. iPad or HP Laptop or $500

Stage 3 Total matrix bonus = $3000

Plus…. i. A brand new car (Hyundai Elantra)

ii. All expensive paid international trip

iii. Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation $1,000 each

Stage 4

Total matrix bonus = $6,000

Plus….. i. Executive Hyundai Jeep

ii. Empowerment for 1 motherless home

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iii. Interest free loan $12,000 (on request) iv. 5% matching bonus to uplink ($300)

Stage 5 Total matrix bonus = $12,000


i. Housing fund ($40,000)

ii. All expense paid International trip

iii. Education fund ($2,000)

iv. Yearly infinity bonus ($5,000)

iv. Elite club loan ($44,000) v. 5% matching bonus to uplink ($600)

How to join H2i in Tanzania:

Call or WhatsApp +255767410113

Or You can sign up via 👉🏼

Also you may visit website.


We use $40 equal to TZS 90,000

$1 equal to TZS 2,250


If you’re in Nigeria, call +2348065277758

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