Two American brother and sister win court case to marry each other​

  • They claimed that if Adams and Eve could marry each other, nothing stops them from doing so
  • The uncle is James Banes while his younger sister Victoria Banes can now marry each other
  • It took them 10 years to win the case

A brother and sister in New Jersey, United States, has won a court case which allows them to legally get married to each other.

Brother and sister win court case to marry each other

The won the landmark judgement which lasted for 10 years at a Supreme Court of the United States.

In a 5-to-4 ruling, five judges unanimously granted the appeal by James Banes, 41, and Victoria Banes, 38, after a ten-year-long legal battle.

The brother and sister expressed their happiness over their legal victory, saying they did it for the ‘millions of Americans who have consensual incestuous relationships and who are living in fear’ and blasted the Government for wasting taxpayers’ money fighting their challenge.

James Banes was quoted as saying, “Incest has been practised by humans since the dawn of time. If Adam and Eve hadn’t done it, the human race would not be here today,” James Banes told reporters after his historic victory.

“Why am I allowed to bang my cousin but not my sister? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

If they had lost the case, they would be facing up to 15 years in jail. They stated that they were now planning to start a large family and enjoy their newly found freedom.

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Victoria Banes who told reporters that she’s pregnant and expecting a pair of twins was also quoted as saying, “We’ve always dreamed of having a big family, now this dream will become a reality.”

Before the landmark judgement that could see other siblings marrying each other, New Jersey state laws only allowed first-cousin marriages.

At the time of this report, New Jersey is the only state in United States to also allow boy and girl of the same parents to marry each other. It’s described as incestuous marriages.


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