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List of New Cryptocurrencies for January 2022

Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by InfomediaNG

Every hour, new cryptocurrencies are added on coinmarketcap, a crypto price tracking website. The platform is globally popular for its price tracking of crypto assets was acquired by Binance Holdings Limited in April 2020.


Only invest what you can afford to lose in crypto assets. Crypto is volatile.

The website has grown to be the world most trusted destination that provides every information that revolves around cryptocurrencies including change in price in 24 hours, 7 days, gains and losses recorded plus market capitalisation real-time.

Below are the newly listed coins on coinmarketcap and the blockchain that powered them:

At the time of this update (Saturday, January 15, 2022), there are 9,090 listed coins in the world according to data from coinmarketcap. Listing of crypto assets on the crypto price-tracking website is a continuous process.

Name Blockchain Date Listed
Microtick (TICK) Cosmos January 18, 2022
Fantom Frens (FFS) Fantom
SuperBonds (SB) Solana
Nova finance (NOVA) Solana
LORDS Ethereum
Wine Shares (WINE) Avalanche
MetaAudio (AUDIOM) BNB
Spectra (SPC) BNB
Covid Slice (COVID19) BNB
eSwapping v2 BNB
Civic Power (POWER) BNB
GangstaBet (GBET) ICON
Inu Jump and the Temple of Shiba (INU JUMP) BNB
Kaco Finance (KAC) BNB
Topshelf Finance Fantom
Octafarm (OCTF) BNB
Ticket Finance (TICKET) Solana
Puff Solana
Jungle Solana
Meme Doge Coin (MEMEDOGE) BNB
Meta Legends (METAL)  
Stable FOX (ONEFOX) Ethereum
Grape Finance (GRAPE) Avalanche
GOMB Fantom
Abby Inu (ABBY) Ethereum
Batmoon Ethereum
Crypto Rocket Launch (CRL) BNB
LaikaDog (ALI) BNB January 17, 2022
Baby Shiba Coin (BABYSHIBA) Ethereum
Waterfall Finance BSC (WATERFALL) BNB
Vitall Markets (VITAL) Solana
FishingTownGilToken BNB
Limbo Token (LNFS) BNB
TouchFuture (TF) BNB
Moebius (MOBI) BNB
Buried Bones (BBT) BNB
CryptoClans (COC) BNB
Mistel Finance (MISTEL) Avalanche
Tiger Coin (TIGER) Avalanche
Fraktiolinased THUG 2856 (THUG) Solana
Cronofi Finance (CRONO) Crypto.con coin
SoIX Gaming Guild (SSG) Solana
Prime Numbers (PRNT) XDC Network
GameCrypt Ethereum
Solootbox DAO (BOX) Solana
Bigwinner (BIG) BNB
The Neko (NEKO) Ethereum
iinjaz (IJZ) Ethereum
Zamzam BNB
Mirrored Nio (MNIO) Terra
Staked Exodia (SEXOD) Fantom
Nil DAO (NIL) Ethereum
LinSpirit (LINSPIRIT) Fantom
Croblanc Coin
OtherLife (OTL) BNB
Bingo Doge (BDOGE) BNB
DiversiFi (DFI) Fantom January 16, 2022
Gbox BNB
Cyber Crystal (CRYSTAL) BNB
Keiko Ethereum
Sensei Shib (SENSEI) BNB
Mercenary  (MGOLD) BNB
MegaBitcoin (MBC) BNB
ETHP Avalanche
Cuffies BNB
ParadiseHotel NFT (PHT) BNB January 15, 2022
Fractionalized SMB-2367 (DAJONES) Solana
Desmos (DSM) Cosmos
Apollo Inu (APOLLO) Ethereum
ValorFoundation (VALOR) BNB
JumpToken (JMPT) BNB
Eternal Spire V2 (ENSP V2) BNB
BTC Proxy (BTCPX) Polygon
ByteEx (BX) BNB
Yinbi (YINBI) Stellar
Werewolves Game (WOLF) BNB
Nacho Finance (NACHO) Polygon
Fimi Market Inc. (FIMI) Stellar
MultiPlanetary Inus (INUS) Ethereum
Kitty Ninja (KINJA) Ethereum January 14, 2022
Anortis Avalanche
LaserEyes (LSR) BNB
Poseidon Token (POS) Fantom
Fossil Solana
ChinaZilla BNB
Warena (WARE) BNB
Kingdom Karnage (KKT) BNB
PartyBoard PAB (BSC) BNB
Solvent (SVT) Solana
Cosmic Ape Coin (CAC) Solana
Sperax USD (USDS) Own blockchain
Dogelana (DGLN) Solana
WTF Token (WTF) Ethereum
DefiBay (DBAY) BNB
CoinFresh (CFRESH) BNB
MetaSpace REIT (MREIT) BNB Jan-13-22
PlaceWar (GEAR) BNB Jan-13-22
Inu Wars (IWR) BNB Jan-13-22
Shiba toby (SHBT) BNB Jan-13-22
Pallas Finance Fantom Jan-13-22
Metaverse Future (METAF) BNB Jan-13-22
UMetaWorld (UMW) BNB Jan-13-22
Kangaroo (GAR) BNB Jan-13-22
Bitecoin ($BITC) BNB Jan-13-22
Kandyland DAO (KANDY) Avalance Jan-13-22
ZEUS1000 Ethereum Jan-13-22
Unique Meta (UNQM) Ethereum Jan-13-22
CreDA (CREDA) Own Blockchain Jan-13-22
WatchDO (WDO) BNB Jan-13-22
Meta Cloth BNB Jan-13-22
InFi (8FI) Ethereum Jan-13-22
Infinite Ecosystem (INFINITY) BNB Jan-13-22
BlueFi (BLUE) BNB Jan-13-22
Buff Floki Coin (BUFLOKI) BNB Jan-13-22
UBXS BNB Jan-13-22
GPEX (GPX) Ethereum Jan-13-22
Weboo Swap (WEBOO) BNB Jan-13-22
BNBTiger (BNBTIGER) BNB Jan-13-22
CRE8R (CR8R) Ethereum Jan-13-22
Bloggercoin (BLOGGER) BNB Jan-13-22
MetaFlokiMon Go (METAFLOKIMG) BNB Jan-13-22
Ferret (FRT) BNB Jan-13-22
KaleraNFT (KLN) BNB Jan-13-22
Shitcoin (STC) BNB Jan-13-22
Agro-Matic (AMT) Polygon Jan-13-22
CroNodes (CRN) coin Jan-13-22
Limited USD (LUSD) XRP Jan-13-22
Weave (WEAVE) BNB Jan-13-22
TigerQueen (TQUEEN) Ethereum Jan-13-22
Shikage (SHKG) Ethereum Jan-13-22
Land of realms (LOR) BNB Jan-13-22
Crazy Rich Coin (CRC) Ethereum Jan-13-22
Elongrab (ELONGRAB) BNB Jan-13-22
Flag Network (FLAG) BNB Jan-13-22
Dark Planet (DP) Fantom Jan-13-22
Square Token (SQUA) BNB Jan-13-22
Chihuahua (HUAHUA) Cosmos Jan-12-2022
Stargaze (STARS) Cosmos Jan-12-2022
Sacred Tails (ST) BNB Jan-12-2022
Dawn of Gods (DAGO) BNB Jan-12-2022
Crypto Bank (CBT) BNB Jan-12-2022
Deese (LOVE) BNB Jan-12-2022
Nobo Finance (NOBF) BNB Jan-12-2022
Exchange Genesis Ethlas Medium (XGEM) Polygon Jan-12-2022
Ancient Warrior (ANCW) BNB Jan-12-2022
Shar Pei (PUPPY) BNB Jan-12-2022
Woof Token (WOOD) Ethereum Jan-12-2022
Mindfolk Wood ($WOOD) Solana Jan-12-2022
IXO Cosmos Jan-12-2022
Lum Network (LUM) Cosmos Jan-12-2022
Fat Satoshi (FATHOSHI) BNB Jan-12-2022
Anthena Money (ATHM) Moonriver Jan-12-2022
Glow Token (GLOW) Terra Jan-12-2022
MetaLama (LAMA) BNB Jan-12-2022
Ascend (ACE) Ethereum Jan-12-2022
CryptoFarming ($CFAR) BNB Jan-12-2022
PepeVerse (PEPEVR) Fantom Jan-12-2022
ChowDAO (CHOW) Ethereum Jan-12-2022
Revolution (REV) BNB Jan-12-2022
IlliquidDAO (JPEG) Ethereum Jan-12-2022
Stack Treasury (STACKT) Ethereum Jan-12-2022
Shibzelda Ethereum Jan-12-2022
Byakko (BYK) BNB Jan-12-2022
Universal Pickle (UPL) BNB Jan-12-2022
Waterfall Finance (WATERFALL) Fantom Jan-12-2022
SNAKE (GSK) BNB Jan-12-2022
NFTMania ($MANIA) BNB Jan-12-2022
MetaFashioners (MFS) BNB Jan-12-2022
Dream ($DREAM) Ethereum Jan-12-2022
AkoyaLegends (AKL) BNB Jan-12-2022
Mirror (NUL) BNB Jan-12-2022
MetaGold Rewards (METAGOLD) BNB Jan-12-2022
WeGro Coin (WEGRO) BNB Jan-12-2022
BNB Bank (BBK) BNB Jan-12-2022
Supermetaverse (SUPERMETA) BNB Jan-12-2022
Baby Panda (BPANDA) BNB Jan-12-2022
Kols Offering Token (KOT) BNB Jan-12-2022
Moonshots Farm (BONES) BNB Jan-12-2022

How many crypto coins are in the world right now?

On Thursday, January 13, 2022, there were 9034 coins listed on coinmarketcap. It was 8,995 on January 12.

Note: P2P and exchange platforms have a specific number of coins that are supported on their platforms. However, we consider coinmarketcap as the most trusted portal to check the total number of cryptocurrencies that are available in the world.

If you haven’t joined the cryptocurrency community, it’s advisable to get started with the coins that are readily available on popular Peer-to-peer platforms that support your country.

For Nigerians who want to start gaining knowledge on how to trade crypto, we have a guide on how to purchase crypto in Nigeria.

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